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OUR SERVICE for our esteemed CUSTOMER starts with the first call of the customer. We give you the necessary space to explain your problems and help you with our experience on the jumps. Once the caller has accepted our offer, we are step by step his contact person so that he can get a marriage appointment at the registry office in Hong Kong as quickly as possible.

In addition to our service, the 305 HKD, which have to be paid in advance to the registry office in Hong Kong, will be paid by an employee for you there on site and this service is also included. If the bride and groom is in Hong Kong, it will be picked up by a colleague and you will go to the registry office together, so that the registration can be completed. No registration in Honkong without registration.

Our staff in Hong Kong are always ready to read your every wish from the eyes and the friendly, warm and kind. At the wedding ceremony, of course, your maids, who are provided by us, are also present and it will be an unforgettable day for all. After the wedding ceremony, you will be shown where the marriage certificate will be delivered to the High Court so that you can pick up your Apostille there 2 days later.

At the same time we offer you our suggested weekly program, ie how you can spend your time in Hong Kong in an original or interesting way. The dates have to be booked separately. Furthermore, we will give you help on how to get to an appointment quickly, eg at the German Embassy in Manila. We wish all our customers an exciting time in Hong Kong that you will remember for a long time to come.

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Offers that can be seen.

Day 1 - Sunday: You arrive in Hong Kong by plane on Sunday and check in to your hotel / privat accommodation.

Agency Wolters

Day 2 - Monday: Register on Monday in the registry office of Hong Kong. In the evening you go to an incation, The Ozone Bar of the Ritz- Carlton Hotel is located on the 118th of the ICC Skyscraper. If youre lucky, you can get a table outsite and see all over Hong Kong

Day 3 - Tuesday: On Tuesday, a hop-on hop-off bus tour of Hong Kong is on the program. You explore the urban an open double-decker bus. Enjoy panoramic views of Kowloon Bay, stoll through enchanting markets and admire colonial-style buildings and traditional temples.

Day 4 - Wednessday: On Wednessday, the big event will finally be, your wedding in the Hong Kong registry office, accompanied by your maids. How you want to spend the day depends not least on your wallet. Whether it is a location for dining in a upscale ambience, or whether a simple ambience is suffcient. In the evening, a 3-hour tour would offer Hong Kong at night. Learn more about the transformation of the city from a fishing village to a cultural capital.

Day 5 - Thursday: On Tursday you can choose between a vist to Disney Land, if you are more into the hustle and bustle, or take the cable car to the Big Buddha and visit the Po Lin Monastery, where you can also very good and inespensive food. For the cable car you should book a ticket in advance, so you do not have to wait long.

Day 6 - Friday: On Triday, get your international Apostille from the High Court to apply for the visa. Then its off to the airport and you fly back, or look at Hong Kong for a little longer and stay a few more days.

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