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Why Hong Kong?

HONGKONG is a blessing for our customers. Hong Kong is a world metropolis. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. To marry here, in this ambience, is for a bride and groom in any case a lasting positive experience. In addition, HK, one of the most advanced cities in the world, offers the opportunity to marry quickly and easily, both for HK residents and bi-national couples from around the world. This circumstance further increases the attractiveness of this metropolis.

Within just 1 week, you can celebrate the entire wedding including ceremony and required marriage documents. In addition, the effort is considerably less to obtain all the required documents in advance than in most other countries. Why should you reinvent the wheel and torment yourself through the endless bureaucracies of other countries, which can sometimes take several years to make things much easier? Once you have an apostille for a legitimate wedding in HK, go to the relevant embassy in the country of destination and file your records there for the purpose of reuniting with the family. As a rule, this process also runs much faster for the message in question and the longed for visa is within reach.


However, we would like to point out that we do not sponsor a sham marriage and only give a serious marriage willing the chance to get married in Hong Kong. Hong Kong does not have to be complicated, it becomes clear if you can trust that you will be taken by our employees and step by step, like a Swiss watch, you will complete the necessary administrative procedures. It starts with the fact that you are picked up from our hotel by our employee and go to the registry for the upcoming wedding together. When the formality is done, you can enjoy the rest of the day as everything is organized and prepared for you by going on a city tour or having lunch together. On the wedding day itself, there are 2 maids available, which are necessary at the ceremony. After the wedding, the documents will be submitted to the High Court, and then after 2 days the Apostille will be taken to Empfnag for your visa purposes. Later, you will go to the appropriate embassy of the destination country and apply for FAMILY REUNIFICATION.

You can use the time between registration and wedding and wedding and pick up the Apostille to get to know the metropolis better. Among other things, the Hollywood Park and the marine aquarium would offer.

Our services for our customers

Here you can see the price list for our 3 wedding packages.
All prices are inclusive of the additional VAT.


528 €

  • Provision of marriage forms
  • Registration fee 305 HKD incl. Will be paid in HK by a co-worker
  • Groomsmen are asked
  • After marriage, the witnesses and the couple go to the embassy and the High Court
  • Help for orientation in Hong Kong
  • Help scheduling German Embassy
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Extra package

684 €

  • incl. all services of ECONOMIC
  • incl. signature ready for bid by our team
  • including joint registration with a co-worker in HK before the wedding
  • incl. pick up on the wedding day
  • Payment in 2 installments possible
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Gread package

972 €

  • incl. all services of ECONOMIC and EXTRA package
  • Recommendation of excellent accommodations
  • including floristry arrangement
  • incl. professional wedding photographer
  • Payment in 2 installments possible
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  • All other costs, such as return flight to Hong Kong, accommodation, taxi fees, and Germany certification and sending documents to HK are not included in the price. If the wedding can not take place due to any private reasons, we will reimburse you for half of the fees paid in advance up to one week prior to the wedding date.

Our wedding packages



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Offer 2

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Offer 3

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