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We have created this site to make your marriage easier and more relaxed. With our team we are represented in Hong Kong, in the Philippines and in Germany and cooperate worldwide.

We are still a young team of employees that gathered at the end of 2017 with the aim of facilitating the marriage of binational couples. Across countries, we operate worldwide .

Furthermore, we have made it our mission to offer an attractive all-round program, at an affordable price with good value for money. Werner Wolters also married his Filipino wife in Hong Kong and was enthusiastic about the speed and accuracy of the registry office in Hong Kong.

However, as it does not succeed without professional help, we came up with the idea of ??opening an institute that offers everything under one roof and that keeps customers happy. Due to the fact that we were able to help many willing to marry in a short time, we have the necessary know how to help you on the way. If you have any questions in advance, take the opportunity of the contact form.

Married in Hong Kong

Here you can see happy married couples after the wedding in Hong Kong.



Mr. Larsen & his wife

We got married on the 14.09.18 THANKS to the arrangement of Wolters in Hong Kong.

Thank you very much.

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Dennis & Catherine Hackelberg

We got married on the 25.09.19, THANKS of the mediation Wolters in Hong Kong.

Thank you very much.

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THANKS to Wolter's mediation in Hong Kong.

Thank you very much

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We wish you a lot of fun on our pages.

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